Kirsten McBradden
Kristen McBradden
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Irish Canadian
Birthday November 19, 2003
Age 3 (Season 1), 4 (Season 2), 5 (Season 3)
First Appearance The Flamingo Has Landed
Last Appearance Cliffhanger
Voice Actor Stephanie Beard

Kirsten is a red-headed sweet girl who really believes in Captain Flamingo, and is even doing a project on him for school and once became the subject of a play where only he had speaking lines. She asks him all sorts of fangirl questions, always proceeded by, "I was just wondering…", and like Lizbeth she has a huge crush on Milo and often concocts fake troubles to get Milo to "rescue" her and to possibly spend time with him. Her crush on Milo seems to border a bit on the psychotic and Milo seems more aware of her crush then he is of Lizbeth's. Her last name was revealed to be McBradden in the episode "Bug Out".

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